The Wooden MyWorld ©, a work of art  as timeless as the world itself

The Wooden MyWorld © is 10 mm thick and has a process containing a lot of handwork and finaly finished with hardwax.

The distance is more than 20 mm from the wall, making the shadow effect. Beech wood slats and a magnet system  are used for the hanging. And of course you can move the map without damaging the wall.

In the implementation can be chosen from different types of wood, with black walnut and oak as the most used. This wooden world map hangs several inches off of the wall, leaving a beautiful shadow. The fixing of the Wooden MyWorld © is very simple by the clear instructions supplied and easy to remove when moving. Only the drill holes will remain in the wall. Would you like to order or receive a wood sample, please click here.

Size   width x height = 180 x 110 cm


Price MySkyline© Haarlem #01 of #02


American walnut or oak
€ 1.360,00

€ 375,00 

Insured shipping costs   Netherlands        € 45,00
Europe               € 90,00 and up  (Using your own courier is also possible. Please contact us if you do.)
World                 €125,00 and up 

Collection from the atelier is of course free of charge.
Would you like to see it in real life, we are located here.


Delivery time   6-8 weeks         
For any additional information or photos please contact  

MyWorld© is een houten wandkaart van de wereld, ontworpen door DailyLiving atelier en leverbaar in diverse houtsoorten.

MyWorld© is a wooden wall map of the world, designed by DailyLiving atelier and available in various types of wood.

MyWorld© est une carte murale du monde en bois, conēue par DailyLiving atelier et disponible dans différentes types de bois.

MyWorld© įr en vägkarta av varlden gjort av trä, form givat av DailyLiving atelier och levreras i olika trį slag.

MyWorld© er et verdenskart laget av trevirke. Det er designet av DailyLiving atelier, og kan leveres i ulike tresorter.

MyWorld© č una mappa del mondo a parete in legno, disegnata dalla DailyLiving atelier, ed č disponibile in varie speci legnose.

MyWorld© er et verdenskort i trę til vęggen, designet af DailyLiving atelier, og er tilgęngelig i forskellige tręsorter.

MyWorld© er višar veggkort af heiminum, hannaš af DailyLiving atelier og fįanlegt ķ żmsum višartegundum.

MyWorld© ist ein dekoratives Wandelement . Die Weltkarte ist ein hauseigener Entwurf von DailyLiving atelier und lieferbar in verschiedenen Holzsorten.

MyWorld© es un mapa de pared de madera del mundo, diseńado por DailyLiving atelier y disponible en varios tipos de madera.