MyWorld© is een houten wandkaart van de wereld, ontworpen door DailyLiving atelier en leverbaar in diverse houtsoorten.

MyWorld© is a wooden wall map of the world, designed by DailyLiving atelier and available in various types of wood.

MyWorld© est une carte murale du monde en bois, conēue par DailyLiving atelier et disponible dans différentes types de bois.

MyWorld© įr en vägkarta av varlden gjort av trä, form givat av DailyLiving atelier och levreras i olika trį slag.

MyWorld© er et verdenskart laget av trevirke. Det er designet av DailyLiving atelier, og kan leveres i ulike tresorter.

MyWorld© č una mappa del mondo a parete in legno, disegnata dalla DailyLiving atelier, ed č disponibile in varie speci legnose.

MyWorld© er et verdenskort i trę til vęggen, designet af DailyLiving atelier, og er tilgęngelig i forskellige tręsorter.

MyWorld© er višar veggkort af heiminum, hannaš af DailyLiving atelier og fįanlegt ķ żmsum višartegundum.

MyWorld© ist ein dekoratives Wandelement . Die Weltkarte ist ein hauseigener Entwurf von DailyLiving atelier und lieferbar in verschiedenen Holzsorten.

MyWorld© es un mapa de pared de madera del mundo, diseńado por DailyLiving atelier y disponible en varios tipos de madera.


The Wooden MyWorld ©, an extraordinary work of art on your wall.

Inspired by the many trips, Singrid van Waarde from the Netherlands made her first model of the wooden wall map, the Wooden MyWorld © in 2006. Since then, the special work of art found its way home to living rooms, universities and offices around the world. The Wooden MyWorld © is still made by hand by the designer itself. And, if required, adapted to the customer's wishes. Choosing a country or a continent is also possible. Each wooden world map is unique and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

original unique wooden worldmap  original unique wooden worldmap   original unique wooden worldmap   original unique wooden worldmap

 What makes the Wooden MyWorld © so extraordinary?

- 10mm American black walnut, oak or other type of wood
- Delivery time is approx. 6-8 weeks, due to the amount of manual work
- Finish is done with a hardwax
- End of the edges are also wood colour (no laser is used)
- Nice shadow because of the 25mm it hangs off the wall
- The Wooden MyWorld © comes with a mold to hang it up correctly
- Clear instructions are included
- Move without damage to the Wooden MyWorld ©
- Comes with wax-stamp and numbered certificate of authenticity

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Other models, parts of the world and wood are possible. Click here for more information. Tshirts with the MySkylineHaarlem © are for sale here.

Wooden MySkyline© Haarlem. Soon Paris and Copenhagen will be available. 

Wooden MySkyline©_01 extended version ca. 1200 x 70mm


Want to receive a wood sample or order aWooden MyWorld ©? Click here.